Thursday Nov 18, 2021

099- Top 5 Nuggets You Need For Medical Billing

This week on Your Dental Top 5 your host, Amanda Hill, RDH is talking with Laurie Owens, Director of Medical Billing for Devdent about what you need to know for medical billing!




“You are helping to prolong a patient's disease by performing a perio maintenance.” 


“We are not doing dental things all the time, sometimes we are, but not all the time.” 


“The mouth talks to the body, and the body talks to the mouth… it goes both ways.” 


“How did you do the oral cancer screening, was it with a tool? If it isn’t in your notes it didn’t happen.” 


“When you are in court you don’t get your practice software, you get your note.” 


“Please don’t say cracked tooth, I might choke you, say fractured tooth.” 


“She might have gathered that detail but she didn’t document it.” 


“Find out the demographics of your patients.” 


“Realize that what you are doing is helping your patients.” 




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