Thursday Dec 09, 2021

102- Top 5 Reasons To Learn About Your Dental Companies With Nichol Schreiber

This week on Your Dental Top 5 your host, Amanda Hill, RDH is talking with Nichol Schreiber, Director of Global Clinical Relations at Young Innovations to talk about reasons it is important to get to know your dental companies and how doing so can benefit your career. 




“We use what we know and what we are comfortable with and by doing so we limit ourselves.” 


“Get out there and learn what is new and what companies are bringing to the market.” 


“If we didn't keep up on technology we would still be using port polishers and little wood wedges.” 


“These instruments are made right here in Missoula, MT by 80 trades men and women.” 


“We welcome you into the factory, you will be blown away.” 


“We in dentistry are disposable lovers, we just keep throwing things away, we need to look at the environmental impact.” 


“Staying connected to us allows you access.” 


“Someone does actually win these things.” 


“We as manufacturers rely so much on your feedback when we are coming up with new products.” 



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