Thursday Dec 30, 2021

105 Top 5 Things Amanda Has Learned Through The Podcast

On this episode of Your Dental Top 5 Amanda Hill is joined by Brittany Duncan, Sales and Marketing Director for A Tale of Two Hygienists and The Dental Podcast Network to talk about Amanda's Journey of being a host of Your Dental Top 5 Podcast, and the top 5 things she has learned through the podcast!




“Say yes even when you don’t know what you are doing.” 


“Nobody knows exactly what they are doing 100% of the time.” 


“Be a learner never a knower.” 


“It’s much more fun to be the helper than feel weak and be the helpee.” 


“By asking for help we allow others to use their gifts.”


“The no’s are a great opportunity to learn.” 


“When you know better you do better.” 


“Nobody learns through shame.”




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